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  • Social Media and The New Generation

    Whatever happens in the House of Commons is generally not on the minds of most Canadians, especially those under the age of 30.  Bill C-30 changed all that last week.  The bill aims to give police easier access to information about Internet users.  The government says it’s needed as a means to protect children from […]

  • New to you Social Media Avenues

    It’s been a very busy 10 days since I took over as Social Media Manager at Travel With Somebody.  I’ve been busy blogging and commenting and Facebooking and twittering and stumbling and pinning and . . . . As I was telling a fellow web designer about what I’ve been up to thus far, she […]

  • Social Media Goes Traveling

    This weekend I’ll be taking over as Social Media Manager for, a local internet start-up.  It’s a fairly new travel buddy site that requires more interaction and public awareness about it and its services.  After studying the site and a few of it’s biggest competitors, I realized that their social media marketing plan thus far is […]

  • Facebook for the Beginner

    Facebook is the largest social network in the world and the one most preferred by businesses when planning their social media strategy. The platform is useful for small, local businesses because it reaches the widest range of age groups and is viewed as more personal while a platform like Twitter is better for generating traffic […]

  • Managing Your Social Media Accounts

    You got yourself a [enter social media platform here] account, now what?  If you’re new to the world of social media and how it relates to business, keep reading.   I can help to clear the confusion; getting you started on the right track and managing your social media accounts. Managing Your Social Media Accounts Your […]