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  • Powerful WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

    You’ve started your own blog to showcase your knowledge and build your online brand awareness, now what?  The adage of build it and they will come doesn’t apply to the online world where there are billions of websites for people to surf.  By ensuring that your blog is as efficient and socially friendly as possible, you can […]

  • Quick and Easy Bing SEO Tips

    Life would be nice and easy for SEO practitioners everywhere if all the search engines used the same signals to rank your website Maybe not easy but definitely a lot simpler. The first rule of SEO: nothing is ever easy. Google is the ruler of the internet and all things search engine.  We all know […]

  • Common SEO Terms Defined and Explained

    Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing your website’s position in the search engine’s results pages, thereby increasing your traffic from the search engines and increasing your visibility. While the SEO language isn’t as technical as in web design or programming, some of the terms can have you scratching your head as you delve into the […]

  • On Page SEO Best Practices

    I recently did a search engine optimization audit on a new client’s website.  They had just ended their contract with their previous SEO company and were looking for a fresh perspective.  As I loaded their site and began to delve into it, I noticed a few things that were probably holding them back in their […]

  • How to Stay Visible – Local SEO

    Unless you’re living under a rock, you should have already caught the breeze that Google has again shaken up the internet marketing community. The most recent Penguin update caused some webmasters to have mixed reactions. Others felt they were again smitten by the update, while some chose to be nonchalant about it. As always, the […]