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  • Maximizing Press Release Syndication for SEO Purposes

    Everyone decides to use press release for commercial new online business. The online press release syndication is a most widely used tool for small as well as large businesses without involving big budgets for the newswire. While the pioneer purpose of a news release is to get exposure to the Web. Do you want to […]

  • Making Your Content Go Viral

    ‘We want to go viral’ is one of the client requests most feared by any media or PR professional. Certainly, it’s little wonder – given the popularity of internet sensations like Gangnam Style, Grumpy Cat and the latest pandemic of ‘Harlem Shake’ videos – that companies should want to harness the popularity of internet memes. […]

  • Everything A CEO Needs To Know About Digital Marketing

    The CEO of any business is supposed to be its head and leader. One of the developments in the business world today though is that many of these individuals are falling behind on their responsibilities. Many CEOs are from a past generation, and they have yet to adopt many of the new technologies that are […]

  • SOPA

    So the day for SOPA is almost over.  Amid the blackout pages (they were bothersome but needed), the phone calls, the emails and everything else that the bill’s opponents came with, the bill lost some of its key supporters.  Senator Marco Rubio (co-sponsor of the bill) has withdrawn his support, along with Senator Orinn Hatch and Senator […]

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Social

    Effective business marketing strategies are about utilizing a broad spectrum of marketing opportunities so that no potential customer is missed. Ideally, by taking advantage of multiple systems and utilizing proven technology to reach your targeted audience, you’ll theoretically be able to maximize your reach and draw in targeted business from multiple avenues in a way […]