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  • The key to successful direct email marketing: A case study

    One of the most refreshing things about direct email marketing is that there are few eternal truths. If you come up with a good idea and think it worth running with, there’s nothing to stop you giving it a go. Even if it wasn’t successful in the past, there’s no reason not to try it again if […]

  • Your personal brand and social media

    In today’s society everyone has to rely on their personal reputation for career advancement and success, whether you work for yourself or for others.  It’s a competitive marketplace and you need to use every advantage you can get. Your personal brand encompasses your reputation, your knowledge and your associations; and it’s what most people will […]

  • Adding a Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Fan Page

    Cross-linking Social Media Platforms Once you start to build up your social media presence, it’s important to cross-link them so you can gain as much exposure as possible. By adding a Twitter tab to your Facebook fan page, you increase the number of ways people can find you. When your online visibility increases, you increase the amount of traffic […]

  • Why Hotels Need a Blog

    In the modern age, loads of businesses have turned to not only websites but blogging to boost their brand and increase Blogging for hotels and their online marketing plans business. Blogs can be implemented in many different ways, but done correctly they really can be a string to your bow when it comes to promoting […]