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I am a marketer, an organizer, and I thrive on projects. These three characteristics shape how I see things, how I act, and how I live.

Professionally, I have been fortunate to experience many things.

I started in hospitality. Then moved into marketing – both digital and traditional – and fell into Search Engine Optimization when Pandas and Penguins were ruling the internet. I have also worked in international sales and customer service for a domain brokerage and as the marketing manager for a domain registrar. I acted as the editor and primary writer for a national tourism magazine, worked in retail management and supply chain, and as a consultant in digital marketing, social media, SEO, and website management. Currently, I’m in Toronto, controlling inventory in a retail warehouse while working towards a bachelors degree in Commerce at York University, and getting back into the technology realm.

In the summer of 2020, I moved to Toronto. I was craving a change of scenery and new experiences and decided Canada’s largest city was the perfect place. And when we’re able to travel again, I will have the opportunity to explore eastern Canada and experience the history of the area and the country.