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About Me

I am a marketer, an organizer, and I thrive on projects. These three characteristics shape how I see things, how I act, and how I live.

Professionally, I have been fortunate to experience many things.

I started in hospitality. Then moved into marketing – both digital and traditional – and fell into Search Engine Optimization when Pandas and Penguins were ruling the internet.

About Me

Blog Posts

Learn more about marketing, Search Engine Optimization, social media, website optimization, email marketing, blogging, and more. Some of the posts are from when I first started as a digital marketing consultant, however the content is evergreen and still relevant today. Maybe not some of the social media articles – who knew that wouldn’t last?!


**Please note that this website is now a work in progress. After 8 years I decided to spruce things up and take advantage of the Gutenburg WordPress editor. Please don’t mind the construction, everything should still work and all the links are the same. Some formatting may be off the mark though so ignore those parts 🙂

Header image courtesy of Thought Catalog on Unsplash