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  • Common Title Tag Mistakes to Avoid

    The title tags you use for your website are very important and should be an integral part of your SEO strategy. The page’s title tag shows up in the search results and influences how high your site will rank for a particular search.  Make sure your title tag includes your page’s keywords that people are […]

  • The Final 4 Tips for Website Optimization

    7.  Use a sitemap, especially if your site is large and extensive. Sitemaps are the core of Search Engine Friendly Design and search engines love them. Sitemaps give visitors and search engines an organized and understandable guide to what’s on your site. 8.  Make sure the site address is simple and indicative of the company, […]

  • Website Optimization Tips #5 and #6

    5. Use your keywords throughout the site’s content, especially in the page’s title tags. Remember those keywords you researched? Use them here. Don’t stuff the content full of keywords though, because the search engines will see this. 6. For physical companies (not virtual) keywords must include location. If the clientele is local, use the local […]

  • Website Optimization Tips

    For the past year, I’ve been studying SEO and SEM. In that time I’ve read countless articles, blogs, essays, comments and pretty much everything I could find for tips on how to get higher rankings and greater exposure for my sites. The amount of information out there is overwhelming! So to make things easier for […]

  • Pinterest – is it the platform for you?

    Pinterest is the newest social media darling online. Its simple premise has helped it to quickly increase its membership to 11.1 million users as of February 2012. Depending on where you look, between 82% and 97% of its members are women, which is easy to understand if you’ve ever been on the site. Before you run […]