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Common Title Tag Mistakes to Avoid

The title tags you use for your website are very important and should be an integral part of your SEO strategy.

The page’s title tag shows up in the search results and influences how high your site will rank for a particular search.  Make sure your title tag includes your page’s keywords that people are more likely to search for.  Also, these tags show up when shared on social media sites, which is important because social media mentions are now a factor in how Google ranks your site.

7 Common Title Tag Mistakes

  1. ‘Home Page’ is the title tag.  Ensure your title tags describe what the page is about, not its place in the hierarchy.
  2. The domain name in the title tag is redundant and takes up valuable SEO space.
  3. Search engines will only display the first 70 characters of a pages’ title tag.  Don’t use more characters than 70 because the engines will cut it off and therefore it won’t influence your SEO or SERP.
  4. While having a short blunt title tag is efficient, it doesn’t tell your visitors or search engines what the page is about.  Try to use as close to the 70 characters as possible.
  5. No keywords in the tag.  If you don’t tell everyone what you’re about, they’ll never find you.
  6. If location is important, include your geographic location.  It will improve your SERP for people searching for companies in Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal if it’s in your title tag.
  7. Too many keywords make the title tag look too spammy and like it was spun with an article spinner.

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