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Why Hotels Need a Blog

In the modern age, loads of businesses have turned to not only websites but blogging to boost their brand and increase Blogging for hotels and their online marketing plans business. Blogs can be implemented in many different ways, but done correctly they really can be a string to your bow when it comes to promoting your business interests. The tourism industry is no different, and hotels with blogs can boost their reputation by being on the cusp of the latest technology and driving tons of people towards their site in the process.

Organic traffic. This is the holy grail of most businesses marketing campaigns, sending traffic to your website through natural, organic methods. Having a blog will increase your chances of clicks from social networks or reaching the top page of Google, which will bring lots of clicks onto your content and site, and hopefully plenty of bookings for a hotel.

Hotels are interesting. So many businesses that want to start blogs as a promotional tool have a really tough time. It’s hard if your business is along the lines of pest control or waste disposal for example, but a hotel can provide loads of interesting articles, photos and more about their visitors or their location or the day to day running of the business, all of which will help with the organic traffic too.

It looks good. A fancy looking site with a blog attached to it is what most people expect from a professional business such as a hotel these days. It looks like you know what you’re talking about. Fickle, I know, but it works. Write a blog full of great content and images that look the part and people will trust your brand over the rubbish, self-made sites that are all too common.

It’s fun! Blogging allows you to build relationships, gain new followers and customers and even friends, and it can be a delightful experience. It also gives you a great journal of your business and how far you come, and you can look back on posts in years to come and remember the good times (or just notice how much you’ve grown). Blogging for business is truly a win/win situation.

Ben is a writer and entrepreneur from the UK, you can follow his journey to make a living on the internet on his blog, Dollars Per Day.

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