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Everything A CEO Needs To Know About Digital Marketing

The CEO of any business is supposed to be its head and leader. One of the developments in the business world today though is that many of these individuals are falling behind on their responsibilities. Many CEOs are from a past generation, and they have yet to adopt many of the new technologies that are easily available. This often means that their companies are missing out on opportunities to market digitally and have a larger impact.

Marketing – Traditional vs Digital

Marketing in the days of these older CEOs mean paper products. Things like brochures, fliers, mailers, or any other way of grabbing a customers attention. In short, it was something that the customers could physically hold in their hands. That is not where the growth in marketing is anymore, and it is time for many of these leaders to catch up.

A CEO needs to know at least the basics of digital marketing in order to thrive in the marketplace of today. This means that they should know about websites, blogs, mobile marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. These are just the building blocks of digital marketing, but it is at least a place where they can build up from.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the one topic that grabs the most media attention these days, so this might be a fantastic place to start. A CEO can start to learn how to create a social media page, how to fill it up with important updates and promotions from the company, how to be careful about what is placed on these sites, and how to interact properly with customers on these sites. If they know these things, then they have started to make an inroad into digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing

Aside from just looking at social media, it is likely an important part of your overall goals to engage customers on the go. This means taking a look at mobile marketing and how those with Internet capable phones can be marketed to. Mobile marketing is a whole new ball of wax in comparison with some of the other types of digital marketing. It is a very rapidly developing field and can be a little overwhelming. Still, it is where the growth is at in marketing these days.

Just to have CEOs that understand digital marketing can better help our commerce world. More customers are having more needs and wants fulfilled when they need them right away because of these developments. As such, all CEOs should be made aware of digital marketing and how they can use it.

This has been a guest post from The CEO Magazine, Norway’s premier magazine for the executive-level decision maker.

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