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Secret Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest now offers secret boards to its users. For those who don’t know what Pinterest is – where have you been??? Pinterest is the year’s breakout social media, lagging behind only Facebook and Twitter. It’s the place where you can pin photos and videos of your favourite things for the world to see (similar to Flickr but with a lot more lolcats and shoes).

On November 8 the company introduced the secret board feature. The feature allows you to limit the board’s visibility to only you and any friends you may invite. You can create up to 3 secret boards but are unable to change an existing board to secret – a precaution the company says is in case there are others who have already pinned from that board.

Setting Up Your First Secret Board

It’s pretty simple to set up:

  • When using Pinterest on your computer, go to your profile page.
  • When you scroll down to the end you’ll see a section titled “Secret Boards”.
  • Click on one of the three “Create a Secret Board” squares below and follow the instructions.
  • Likewise, you can also set up a secret board through your Add+ menu up top.

A few of the suggestions that I’ve heard so far are personal projects, gift guides, announcements not yet ready for the public and family-related. What are you going to use your secret boards for?

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