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Website Optimization Tips

For the past year, I’ve been studying SEO and SEM. In that time I’ve read countless articles, blogs, essays, comments and pretty much everything I could find for tips on how to get higher rankings and greater exposure for my sites.

The amount of information out there is overwhelming! So to make things easier for myself, I consolidated all the information into my own top ten tips that I refer to when working on a site. Over the course of the next few posts, I’ll share these with you. Here are the first two and conceivably the most important ones

Keywords! Pick and choose your keywords carefully. Research what words/terms your customers are searching for and what are the most often used by potential customers. Check what keywords your competitors are using and where they place in the rankings. Then check the rankings of search words with Google’s AdWords Tool to see how much competition there is for each word/term.

Use 7 – 10 Meta keywords in the head code of your site. The first 4 keywords should be the most important keywords that define your site. Include wrong spellings, pluralize, variations and synonyms.

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